Article Forge is a powerful AI-based tool that creates unique and high-quality content in minutes. The tool, developed by Machine Learning researchers at, uses deep learning models to research, plan and write optimised content at a click of a button. With over ten years of AI research behind its development, Article Forge is an efficient tool for generating long-form articles, saving businesses and individuals time and resources while improving their search engine rankings, visibility and brand exposure.

This tool distinguishes itself from other AI-based content generation tools in three essential ways. Firstly, it creates original, high-quality articles quickly and cost-effectively.

Secondly, the content produced is human-like in its style, tone and readability, ensuring maximum audience engagement. Thirdly, it offers complete, intuitive SEO automation, integrating industry-standard tools and APIs to optimise content for SERP rankings.


Article Forge is a leading AI-based content generation tool that helps businesses and individuals create unique, high-quality content in minutes. The tool offers efficient content production, originality and natural readability, and complete SEO automation. With seven-language capabilities and dedicated customer service, Article Forge is a valuable solution for businesses and publishers looking to improve their search engine rankings, visibility, and brand exposure while saving time and money on content creation.

Company Overview

Article Forge is a leading artificial intelligence and deep learning-based tool that helps you create unique and high-quality content quickly and easily. With a focus on long-form articles, Article Forge can generate an entire 1,500+ word article with the click of a button, making it an efficient tool for those who want to save time and money in creating content.

The tool is backed by over ten years of AI research, enabling it to research, plan and write content automatically, eliminating the need for excessive manual labour. With Google using similar AI models to judge the quality and relevancy of content, Article Forge is the perfect tool to ensure your content is optimised for these algorithms.

Article Forge's AI content generator writes topically rich, engaging content that Google's algorithms will naturally love and rank high. As a result, it not only saves time and resources on writing content but also helps businesses improve their search engine rankings, visibility and brand exposure with ease.

By simply entering a keyword and clicking a button, Article Forge's AI tool creates an entire article covering that topic, as seen in the examples provided on its about page. Whether you are looking to improve your small business website traffic, create a great user experience, explore London landmarks, or choose the right dog breed for your family, Article Forge can generate custom articles tailored to your needs with ease.

With a focus on SEO optimisation and deep learning models, Article Forge has proven to be a reliable and innovative solution for content creation. It is an excellent tool for businesses, publishers and individuals who want to create high-quality content that both engages customers and ranks highly on search engines.


Fast, Quality Content

Efficient Content Production

Article Forge is an AI-based content generation tool that can create unique, high-quality articles within minutes of receiving a keyword phrase. Unlike the traditional content creation process that could take hours or even days, you can create hundreds or even thousands of articles without spending a lot of time and money.

High-Quality, Original Content

With Article Forge, you'll never have to worry about duplicate or plagiarized content. Every article is created using AI, ensuring that you receive unique, original content every time you run the program. Google ranks content based on the level of uniqueness, meaning that with Article Forge, you have an edge over your competitors when it comes to SEO.

Natural Readability

AI-based content creation tools often create dry, technical content that's difficult to read. With Article Forge, you'll get an article that's not only unique and original, but also naturally readable. As a result, your audience will be engaged from start to finish.

Automated SEO

Complete SEO Automation

Article Forge lets you fully automate your SEO efforts, from scheduling and posting articles to your WordPress sites to adding relevant titles, images and links to your content. This feature ensures that your content stands out and is more than just a block of text. You don't have to spend hours optimizing your content to rank high on search engines with this AI-based content generation tool!

LSI Keyword Innovations

Article Forge incorporates LSI keyword innovations, which ensures that search engines know that your content is relevant and interesting. This feature means that you can better target your audience through your content and create topics that resonate with them. Moreover, the technology is trained like Google's AI, meaning that whenever Google updates its search algorithms, Article Forge will be in sync.

Industry Integration with Standard Tools and APIs

Article Forge is also integrated with industry-standard tools and APIs. You can integrate it with many major tools, including SEOmoz and Majestic, to optimize your website for SERP rankings better. You can also schedule your workflow on autopilot and let the software handle the rest.


Seven Languages

Article Forge is the only content creation tool that can automatically write in seven languages, including English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, and Italian. This feature allows businesses to expand into under-penetrated markets with ease. You'll dominate international keywords' low competition with this AI-generated content, giving you new potential customers across the globe.

Unbeatable Accuracy and Relevance

Article Forge is an accurate and relevant content creation tool. Its algorithms use deep language generation models that accurately imitate human writers' judgment and style-choice. It ensures users get the most relevant, optimized, and context-rich content in seconds; hence, it saves time and resources.

International SEO

When it comes to International SEO, businesses face difficulties with cultural nuances, understanding semantics and grammatical patterns. However, with Article Forge, you don't have to worry about these issues anymore, thanks to its multi-lingual capabilities.  You don't have to spend a fortune on translations and providing local language content;  just click and let the AI generate International SEO-rich content!.

Affordable Pricing

Economical and Flexible Plans

Article Forge offers its services at a fraction of the cost of hiring professional writers or content creators. Moreover, you can enjoy a free five-day trial of the software before committing. Article Forge allows you to sign up and pay for only the articles you need, with no hidden fees.

This feature ensures that you are getting the best value for your money, and you can make changes to your plan at any time.

User-Friendly Experience

Article Forge has a simple and user-friendly interface, making it easy for anyone to use. Even with little experience in content creation, users can create quality content quickly and without difficulty. The software has clear instructions, it's easy to navigate, and its AI can create and generate personalized content recommendations, providing a world-class content solution for users.

Dedicated Customer Support

Article Forge offer excellent customer service around the clock - 24/7. The expert customer service team is available on chat, email or phone to guide you through any of your issues.

Moreover, they have professional troubleshooting on standby, ensuring that you get the most out of your experience.


ArticleForge is an innovative tool that uses AI technology to create high-quality content efficiently and accurately. With a monthly subscription of $57 (after a 51% discount), users can generate up to 25,000 words per month and have access to the tool for one user. This price point is affordable and competitive compared to other content creation tools in the market.

ArticleForge offers a 5-day free trial for users to test the tool before committing to a subscription. Additionally, the company provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. If users generate less than ten articles and find that the tool does not meet their expectations, ArticleForge will refund the user with no questions asked.

Article Forge is developed and operated by the team of Machine Learning researchers at, who are renowned for their expertise in artificial intelligence research. The team has invested significant time and effort to develop a program capable of writing full-length articles automatically and accurately, giving users an opportunity to generate high-quality content in an effortless manner.

Overall, ArticleForge is a great investment for bloggers, content creators, and businesses looking to generate content easily and efficiently. With a user-friendly interface and a competitive price point, ArticleForge is a valuable tool that can save time and effort on content creation.

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