Coqui is an open speech technology company founded in 2016 that builds open-source STT and TTS engines and provides speech training data. This company aims to bridge the gap between the academic speech research community and the development of robust speech technologies becoming ever-present in today's society.

It provides users with a hub to connect researchers, developers, and practitioners. Coqui's efforts have been widely praised, leading to thousands of people using their STT and TTS engines. Their AI voice generation feature can clone a voice within seconds, making it possible for users to choose from pre-existing voices or their own and add an emotive spin that creates a unique professional-grade sound.

Coqui's platform is easily accessible with a user-friendly interface and a project management system suitable for both beginners and professionals. With a 24/7 support system on standby and a comprehensive knowledge base, users will always have the help they need.


Coqui's platform provides users with STT and TTS engines, deep learning, AI voice cloning features, free synthesis time, and accessible customer support. Its platform's easy-to-use interface supports competent project management systems that are suitable for both beginners and pros. Coqui has a dependable community, giving users access to thousands of hours of speech training data whenever they need it.

Coqui's AI-generated text-to-speech technology creates a revolution in the generation of professional-grade voice content in just a few seconds. Sign up today and join the Coqui community to find out more.

Company Overview

Coqui is a dedicated open speech technology company that provides a hub for researchers, developers, and practitioners. Founded in 2016, Coqui's mission is to bring research into reality by building open source STT and TTS engines and providing thousands of hours of speech training data.

Their projects include deep learning-based STT and TTS engines, a job scheduler, and more offerings are underway. Coqui's founders initially identified speech technology as being siloed in big corporations, leaving the open source world behind.

They decided to take action and build open-source STT and TTS engines that have already been employed by thousands of people. Coqui's efficient work earned them support from a knowledgeable and dependable community that has propelled progress exponentially. Now Coqui has an organization that is solely focused on providing continued support for open-source projects and the community gathered around them.

The name Coqui is rooted in the Spanish word "coquí," which is pronounced as "ko-kee." Coqui is inspired by a species of tree frog from Puerto Rico. The frog is tiny but too loud and has a clear voice that makes it almost invisible but easy to hear, an ideal representation of the speech technology they build. Sign up with your email to receive the company's newsletter."


Realistic and Emotive Text-to-Speech

Clone Your Voice in Seconds

Coqui Studio uses generative AI to replicate any voice in just a few seconds, allowing users to create realistic and emotive text-to-speech with ease. Users can clone their own voice or choose from a growing selection of AI voices, with new additions being released regularly. This feature is perfect for those who need a unique and authentic voice for their digital content, such as podcasts, videos, and even voice assistants.

Select from Available AI Voices

If users prefer not to clone their own voice, Coqui Studio offers a variety of available AI voices to choose from. Each voice has its own distinct characteristics, such as Asya Anara's bold and authoritative tone, or Damien Black's heroic and commanding voice.

Coqui Studio also offers Kazuhiko Atallah's reassuring and approachable voice, Vjollca Johnnie's authoritative and serious tone, and Tammy Grit's aggressive and ominous voice. No matter what kind of voice a user needs, Coqui Studio has it covered.

Get More Voices Instantly

Users who need even more voice options can instantly clone any voice with just three seconds of audio. This means that additional voices can be created quickly and easily, without the need for extensive recording or special equipment. With Coqui Studio's AI voice cloning feature, the possibilities for voice content creation are endless.

Free Synthesis Time and Newsletter Signup

30 Minutes of Free Synthesis Time

Coqui Studio offers new users 30 minutes of free synthesis time, no credit card required. This allows users to try out the features and see how they can benefit from the platform before committing to a subscription. With free synthesis time, users can experiment with different voices and use cases, such as creating professional voiceovers or adding voice to their chatbots.

Sign up for the Coqui Newsletter

Users can stay up-to-date with Coqui Studio by signing up for the company's newsletter. The newsletter includes updates on new AI voices, platform features, and industry insights. Signing up for the newsletter is a great way to stay informed about the latest developments in AI technology and how it can benefit various industries.

User-Friendly Platform

Simple and Intuitive Interface

Coqui Studio has a user-friendly platform that is easy to navigate. The interface is simple and intuitive, making it easy for users to create their own AI voice clones and generate text-to-speech. The platform is also compatible with multiple devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, so users can work on their own timeframe and from anywhere.

Efficient Project Management

Coqui Studio's project management feature allows users to keep track of their creations and manage their time efficiently. Users can access their projects on a personal dashboard, where they can organize and prioritize their work. This feature is particularly useful for those who work on multiple projects simultaneously, such as digital marketers and content creators.

24/7 Customer Support

Quick and Reliable Customer Support

Coqui Studio provides 24/7 customer support to ensure that users receive assistance whenever they need it. The platform's support team is knowledgeable and responsive, providing quick and reliable solutions to any issues that users might encounter. Whether users need help with the AI cloning process or have a question about platform features, Coqui Studio's customer support is always available.

Comprehensive FAQ and Knowledge Base

Coqui Studio's platform also includes a comprehensive FAQ and knowledge base, where users can find answers to frequently asked questions and learn more about the platform's features and functionalities. The FAQ and knowledge base are regularly updated to ensure that users have access to the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Coqui Studio's realistic and emotive text-to-speech platform provides an impressive array of features and benefits to users. Its AI voice cloning feature is highly innovative, allowing users to create professional-grade voice content in just a few seconds.

With a user-friendly platform and efficient project management system, Coqui Studio is suitable for beginners and professionals alike. And, with 24/7 customer support and a comprehensive FAQ and knowledge base, users can rest assured that they will have assistance whenever and wherever they need it.

Try Coqui Studio today and experience the revolutionary power of AI-generated text-to-speech.

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