CustomGPT is an AI tool that allows businesses and individuals to leverage AI and ChatGPT according to their specific needs with an easy no-code/low-code platform. It is ideal for researchers, small businesses, and anyone seeking to make the most of AI's potential.

The tool is built to serve others, regardless of their technical skills, and the company offers an Affiliate Partner program to promote and share AI technology. Additionally, CustomGPT offers AI technology to business to provide conversational responses based on all their content to create a personalized chat experience for consumers.


CustomGPT is a ChatGPT-based AI tool designed to provide a personalized experience to consumers through conversational response based on all of a business's available content. It enables effortless chatbot creation with easy website installation and offers support for up to 92 languages.

The chatbot offers customizable look and feels, fast responses, and ethical protections built into OpenAI's APIs, ensuring that customized answers are bounded by the business's content. CustomGPT offers a broad array of features that streamline customer service, increase efficiency, and promote brand visibility and recognition, empowering businesses and individuals alike to make the most of AI technology and ChatGPT.

Company Overview

CustomGPT is an AI tool that empowers businesses and individuals to harness the power of AI and ChatGPT for their own unique content and needs with an easy-to-use no-code/low-code platform. With CustomGPT, users can build their own ChatGPT-style chatbot using their own data and get real-time answers based on that data. The tool is ideal for small businesses looking to save time and money, researchers seeking insights from loads of data, or anyone else who wants to use AI to its fullest potential.

The team at CustomGPT consists of experts in AI and machine learning who are passionate about making AI accessible and useful to everyone, regardless of their technical expertise. They believe that the true potential of AI lies in its ability to be tailored to specific needs and use cases, and they are committed to making this a reality for their customers. The tool is built to be shared with others, regardless of technical expertise, and the company offers an Affiliate Partner program for those interested in promoting and sharing CustomGPT's AI technology.

CustomGPT's AI technology allows businesses to provide conversational responses based on all their business content. CustomGPT allows potential customers to ask questions and get instant answers without having to type keywords in search boxes.

The AI technology is designed to provide personalized conversational responses based on all the business content available. The paid plan includes API access, offering the true power of CustomGPT to those who incorporate ChatGPT with their own data into their workflows. Developers can integrate CustomGPT's technology into existing product offerings or develop new apps and are given support and guidance throughout the sales process.


Personalized Conversational Responses

Instant Answers from Business Content

The CustomGPT tool utilizes ChatGPT to provide personalized conversational responses based on ALL your business content. Potential customers can ask questions and receive instant answers without having to type keywords in search boxes. This feature is designed to offer a personalized experience to leads, increasing engagement and delighting customers.

Building CustomGPT Chatbot in Minutes

Powered by ChatGPT, the CustomGPT tool enables users to build their chatbot based on their own business content in just a few minutes. This feature makes it easy for businesses to provide real-time customer support while streamlining the customer service process, freeing up staff to focus on more complex customer issues. The tool is packed with 100+ features needed by businesses, providing personalized responses to customer inquiries and reducing response times while improving the overall customer experience and engagement.

Seamless Website Integration

CustomGPT offers a seamless website integration feature that enables users to quickly ingest ALL their business content. Easy setup is guaranteed, and the content does not even need to be yours.

Users can simply build a sitemap to point the tool in the right direction. This feature is designed to offer convenience to businesses, improving the efficiency of their employees and teams while reducing browsing time.

Serve Customers Globally

Support for 92 Languages

With support for 92 languages, customers can ask questions in their native language, even if the content is in another language. This feature is designed to enhance the accessibility of businesses to potential customers, offering direct communication and support services in the customer's native language. This increased personalization can boost engagement and conversion rates, especially for businesses with an international customer base.

Integration with Business Applications

The CustomGPT tool provides users with an API that they can integrate with their business applications. Users can create a ChatGPT chatbot via API and then use it in their applications. This feature is designed to offer greater flexibility and control to businesses, enabling them to integrate the AI tool into their existing workflow and automate and streamline the customer service process.

Latest AI Technology

CustomGPT is powered by the world's most advanced ChatGPT-4 AI. The tool stays on top of OpenAI's advances, ensuring that its users always have access to the latest AI technology.

CustomGPT takes care of the indexing, databases, APIs, relevancy, and everything else under the hood, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations. The tool also automatically improves as the technology improves.

Efficient & Customizable

Fast Responses for Customer Delight

Using ChatGPT-4 streaming, CustomGPT offers fast responses to customer inquiries, providing instant answers based on the business's content. This feature is designed to improve customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty, as well as to streamline the customer service process for businesses.

Customizable Look & Feel

CustomGPT enables businesses to embed their chatbot into their website or live chat with a customized look and feel that reflects their brand. This feature is designed to enhance brand visibility and recognition, providing a seamless and consistent customer experience across all touchpoints.

Bounded by Your Unique Content

CustomGPT offers ethical protections in-built into OpenAI's APIs, and the answers are bounded by the business's content. Every response is generated based on the unique content of the business, providing a personalized experience to customers while protecting the business's intellectual property.

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