Frase is an AI-powered tool that is transforming the way businesses approach SEO and content creation. The platform stands out from others thanks to its features and capabilities.

Users of Frase can train AI to complete various tasks such as generating short articles, creating meta descriptions, and value proposition statements. The platform comes with a smart editor with an AI paraphraser that allows for entire paragraphs to be rewritten in one go and a unique scraper that extracts related questions from Google's "People Also Ask." Frase is transparent and flexible, offering a wide array of pricing options for any budget and striving to always enhance the platform's performance continually. Frase caters to the needs of a broad target audience, from bloggers to marketers, by simplifying the content creation process while guaranteeing SEO optimization.


Frase has revolutionized SEO and content creation with a cutting-edge AI tool. Its features include generating short articles, blog introductions, meta descriptions, and value proposition statements without human intervention. The platform features a smart editor with an AI paraphraser, a unique scraper that scans Google's "People Also Ask," and a slogan generator that helps businesses create compelling slogans, differentiate themselves, and boost sales conversions.

Frase's functions are versatile and cater to varied clients that aim to streamline their content creation process while improving their online presence and SEO optimization. The platform is user-friendly, cost-effective, and provides exceptional customer service, continuously enhancing its technology to cater to the needs of its growing audience.

Company Overview

Frase is a cutting-edge AI tool that is revolutionizing SEO and content creation. With Frase, users can train the AI to perform specific tasks such as generating short articles or introductions for a blog, creating meta descriptions, paraphrasing content, and even coming up with title ideas and slogans. The platform offers a range of features, including a smart editor with AI paraphraser that allows users to rewrite entire paragraphs in one go.

Frase is also equipped with a unique Google People Also Ask scraper, which enables users to find related questions to include in their content.

One of the standout features of Frase is its ability to generate value proposition statements for brands, products, or services without any human input. Additionally, the AI tool can create unique product descriptions to help businesses stand out online. Frase is designed to help businesses streamline their content creation process while improving their SEO results.

Whether you're a blogger trying to generate fresh content ideas or a marketer looking to optimize SEO for your website, Frase is an essential tool. The platform is easy to use and provides users with everything they need to generate high-quality, engaging content that will rank well in search engines. With Frase, users can create unique, original content without spending hours researching and writing.

Frase is committed to providing the best user experience possible. They offer a range of pricing options to fit any budget, and they are always working to improve their platform with new features and capabilities. Their extensive help center and crash course provide the necessary information to get started, and their customer support team is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

In summary, Frase is an AI tool that is transforming SEO and content creation for businesses of all sizes. With features such as content generation, SEO optimization, and value proposition creation, Frase is a must-have tool for any business looking to streamline their content creation process and improve their online presence.


Content Creation

Short Article Generation

Frase AI's content creation capabilities include the ability to generate short articles for a given title. With Frase's machine learning algorithms, users can easily and quickly produce quality content for their websites and other digital platforms with the given keyword or topic. The AI takes the keyword or topic and generates a short article that can be published right away through the tool’s platform.

Blog Introduction Generation

Generating the introduction of a blog post can be tedious and time-consuming. Frase's machine learning technology simplifies the process of creating an engaging introduction by generating various options for the user to choose from. Users only need to input a title or keyword, and the tool produces several introduction suggestions, making blog writing more efficient and effective.

Smart Editor with AI Paraphraser

Frase's AI engine transforms text creation by providing a smart editor with AI paraphraser. The tool has a built-in feature that provides the correct grammatical phrases by scanning the text for the most commonly found phrases and word patterns as well as synonyms.

It helps rephrase sentences for unique variations to avoid the tendency to repeat the same tone and language. This function is highly beneficial for writers, especially those who need to produce large amounts of texts and content quickly.

SEO Optimization

Meta Description and Title Generation

Frase AI's functionality includes providing meta descriptions and title generation for blog posts and other content. The tool has an intelligent algorithm that scans through the article and automatically creates an attractive metatag and SEO title by including pertinent information such as keywords and topic. This SEO optimization provides more visibility to the page or site, making it easier for search engines to recommend the content.

Scrape Google's 'People Also Ask'

Frase's machine learning algorithm has the capability to scrape Google's "People Also Ask" or similar queries to enhance page ranking through SEO optimization. The tool extracts top-ranking questions on a topic, which allows users to produce more specific content that targets these questions, ranking higher in a search algorithm. Using Frase's capabilities can greatly increase the visibility of a website or blog through search engines and improve the site's exposure.

Value Proposition Statement Generator

Frase AI can help businesses create their value proposition statement needed for their branding, product, or service. The tool analyzes the input parameters, including benefits, unique selling points, and target market, to create a compelling statement that effectively communicates the business’s values, market positioning, specialties, and features. It helps businesses to differentiate themselves from competitors in the market and stand out to potential customers, contributing to higher profitability overall.

E-Commerce Optimization

Unique Product Description Generator

Frase's AI technology can write unique product descriptions that are both engaging and informative. Input product descriptions or even product names, and the system then uses the input to create automatically generated descriptions.

The algorithm takes into account behavior patterns and word choices around the product area to generate a list of suggestions for the product. eCommerce platforms can take benefit from product descriptions created using Frase's AI, ultimately boosting conversions and sales.

Slogan Generator

The slogan generator developed by Frase's AI technology allows users to input product or service descriptions in response to which it produces a list of potential marketing slogans. The machine learning algorithm digests common slogans and creates several versions by considering the information provided as well as pairs that with words commonly searched by users. With Frase's slogan generator, marketers can quickly and easily create compelling slogans, giving them an edge over competitors.

Smart Paraphrasal AI

Frase's machine learning algorithms provide unique value for rephrasing or paraphrasing sentences or paragraphs. Using ontologically curated thesauri and deep learning models, the algorithms provide a quick and accurate interpretation of words used in context, making the tool extremely useful for eCommerce optimization. The tool suite can be used to rephrase paragraph texts, which eliminates the need to rewrite manually, saving time and augmenting the chances for better content that can increase engagement and revenue.

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