HelloScribe is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool developed for over 25 million Public Relations (PR) and Marketing professionals globally. With the Large Language Model (LLM) technology, HelloScribe offers over 100 AI-powered tools for generating ideas, providing content suggestions, and streamlining content creation and strategy processes for marketing professionals.

By assessing users' inputs, HelloScribe generates high-quality and unique content that remains relevant to your niche. The tool also enables users to collaborate on marketing projects efficiently by providing a customizable user dashboard that can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

Security is central to HelloScribe's services, and all data on the platform is secured with encryption technology. This review will highlight the AI tool's features, focusing on how it caters to the needs of PR and Marketing professionals.


HelloScribe is an AI-powered platform available to over 25 million PR and Marketing professionals globally. With its trademark Large Language Model (LLM) technology, HelloScribe offers over 100 precision AI tools that streamline content creation processes, providing content ideas and suggestions.

HelloScribe's user dashboard allows for efficient collaboration on marketing projects, while its highly secure data encryption technology ensures all data is encrypted. The AI tool generates unique and high-quality content using mathematical probability and plagiarism detection technology, with the ability to cross-reference generated content using its Research Companion tool.

In addition, HelloScribe offers a no-risk 7-day free trial, a flexible Squad plan for teams, and an accessible web application accessible from any device with internet connectivity. The user-friendly interface supports workflow and productivity, with user feedback used to improve the platform's features and performance.

Company Overview

HelloScribe is a web application that caters to the needs of over 25 million PR and Marketing professionals worldwide, in 50+ languages. It is an AI tool that uses a Large Language Model to predict the series of words related to your input.

HelloScribe offers more than 100 precision tools that help you create and generate ideas for different aspects of your marketing organization. These tools range from writing press releases, ad copy, headlines, blog posts, media pitches, emails, social media posts, and campaign ideas.

These tools help you streamline your content creation process and eliminate writer's block.

HelloScribe generates unique and high-quality content that is not copied or plagiarized from other sources. It uses mathematical probability to predict the best response to your query. You can use any third-party plagiarism tool to verify the text before publishing it.

We encourage our users to use our Research Companion tool to help cross-reference and validate their content accuracy. HelloScribe uses secure encryption for all data, including documents created within the platform, login, and billing information. Our goal is to provide the highest quality service possible, so we require some basic payment information for a 7-day Free Trial.

However, you will not be billed until after the trial period ends.

HelloScribe is accessible through any device with an internet connection by visiting app.helloscribe.ai. It is not yet available as an Android or IOS app. The Squad plan option allows you to include up to five team members who can also enjoy the benefits of unlimited generations.

Additional team members can be added by sending an email to the HelloScribe team. The app's Artificial Intelligence helps you create flawless copy and winning ideas 10x faster.

If you have any feedback or comments regarding the app, you can write to [email protected]. Finding the right platform can be difficult, but HelloScribe is focused on providing the best AI tools for professionals.


Precision AI Tools for Marketing Professionals

Large Language Model (LLM) Technology

HelloScribe harnesses the power of Large Language Model (LLM) technology to predict a series of words that correspond with your input. By analyzing large datasets and patterns in your content, HelloScribe's LLM technology generates high-quality and original content that's relevant to your niche.

This allows for the creation of content that is both unique and specific to the needs of marketing professionals.

Over 100 Precision AI Tools

HelloScribe offers more than 100 precision AI tools which are tailored to the specific needs of marketing professionals. With HelloScribe, you can generate ideas for your campaigns, write ad copy, headlines, press releases, blog posts, media pitches, emails, social media posts, and much more. Whether you're trying to come up with creative marketing ideas or looking to craft engaging content for your audience, HelloScribe has got you covered.

Customizable User Dashboard

HelloScribe's customizable user dashboard is designed to provide an easy and intuitive interface for marketing professionals. You can easily access and use the AI tools that you need, working on multiple content projects simultaneously, organized by tags and colored labels, and keeping track of your progress. With this dashboard, you can personalize your usage for the most user-friendly experience possible.

High-Quality and Original Content

Mathematical Probability and Plagiarism Detection

HelloScribe uses mathematical probability to predict the best possible output based on your input. It doesn't copy or plagiarize text from other sources. HelloScribe's algorithm builds entirely new or modifies the most probable context considering the text and additional relevant information.

You can use any third-party plagiarism tool before publishing to verify the text's originality and, additionally, using HelloScribe's Research Companion will ensure the most reliable research project.

Research Companion

HelloScribe's research companion helps marketing professionals compile relevant research data for their content. The tool helps you research topics with comprehensive results aligned with your query and save them on the personalized dashboard. HelloScribe's Research Companion is the perfect tool to gather data and help shape your writing projects with the most relevant and compelling information.

Highly Secure Data Encryption Technology

HelloScribe uses high-level encryption for all its data, including documents generated within the platform and your login, and billing information. You can use the tool with absolute peace of mind that your data is safe and secure. You can also learn more about our Privacy Policy and Term of Use to ensure that your privacy is always a top priority for us.

Flexible Payment Plans and Free Trial

No-Risk 7-Day Free Trial

HelloScribe offers a 7-day free trial with no risk to users. You can use the tool to experience the benefits of HelloScribe's precision AI tools' power and get a sense of how it can improve your productivity and accuracy. You have the option to cancel at any time and won't be charged a penny before the end of the trial period.

We are confident that you will love our AI tools, and we are excited to offer our unique services to you.

No-Hassle Payment Provider (Stripe)

Before you start your trial period, we require some basic payment information from you to set up your HelloScribe account. This information is then kept secure with our payment provider, Stripe, and is used solely to set up your account. HelloScribe is committed to respecting your privacy and does not share your personal information with any other third-party systems.

Your payment information is kept securely until after your trial period, where you will have the option to continue your subscription or cancel your account.

Flexible Squad Plan for Teams

The Squad plan is perfect for marketing professionals working in teams. It offers the opportunity to include up to five members of your team who will also enjoy the benefits of unlimited AI generation. You can also add more than five team members by sending us an email.

HelloScribe is a great tool to keep your marketing and PR content creation process streamlined, efficient, and as cost-effective as possible.

Accessible and User-Friendly Web Application

Accessible Anywhere, Anytime

HelloScribe is accessible to marketing professionals from anywhere, anytime. As a web application, you can access it from your desktop, mobile phone, or tablet without the need for a specific operating system such as Android or IOS. This flexibility and convenience allow you to use HelloScribe even while you are on-the-go or working remotely.

User-Friendly Interface

HelloScribe has a user-friendly interface designed to improve workflow and productivity. You can navigate effortlessly through the platform's AI tools and customize the dashboard to your needs.

The user interface presents the platform's features in an easily accessible and intuitive way and allows for seamless interaction. You can generate high-quality content using HelloScribe's platform with minimal time and minimal effort.

Feedback Forms to Improve the User Experience

HelloScribe is committed to providing the best user experience for marketing professionals worldwide. To achieve this, user feedback is essential. Therefore, HelloScribe provides users with feedback forms.

These forms allow users to ask questions, share ideas, or make suggestions. HelloScribe takes user feedback seriously and uses it to improve features, workflow, and platform performance.

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