Klaviyo SMS Assistant combines customer data and channels in one platform with built-in AI, making it easy for businesses to engender meaningful relationships with their customers, all while growing their profit margins. It is a tool that utilizes the latest in artificial intelligence, enabling businesses to automate the process of copywriting for their SMS campaigns.

Klaviyo SMS Assistant supports marketers at scale, is easy to use and has automation and machine learning functionality that ensures customers receive personalized messaging. The company was founded in 2012 by Andrew Bialecki and Ed Hallen and has since grown to service more than 100,000 leading brands in the United States and other parts of the world. Klaviyo's SMS Assistant’s system generates email and SMS content that complies with mobile regulations while also generating multiple options of SMS content with minimal human input.


Klaviyo SMS Assistant offers retailers and developers a powerful way to engage and build relationships with customers via automated personalized SMS messages and notifications for both mobile and e-commerce platforms. The platform has a unique SMS Assistant feature that uses AI to generate content that meets the constantly changing compliance requirements of mobile carriers.

The tool offers an integrated platform that collects customer data and delivers personalized messages to help marketers enhance and grow their mobile apps and e-commerce stores. The system's easy integration process with mobile apps ensures seamless onboarding, and the easy-to-use automation features allow businesses to create SMS campaigns with minimal effort. Klaviyo provides various resources such as courses, certifications, and strategies to keep users informed and results-driven.

Company Overview

Klaviyo SMS Assistant is a platform that unifies all customer data and channels in one place, delivering unprecedented speed and time to value with its built-in artificial intelligence. The tool enables brands to connect with their valued customers to grow more profitably and sustainably on their own terms. With Klaviyo SMS Assistant, businesses can send personalized messages, reach customers where they are, and retain their mobile app users.

The brand caters to both retail brands and developers and provides them with guides, tools, and insights to help them grow.

Klaviyo was founded in 2012 by Andrew Bialecki and Ed Hallen, who saw a pattern that companies had loads of data but couldn’t answer basic questions about their customers, let alone use that data to drive revenue through personalized marketing. Hence, they built a platform that unites data, analytics, and marketing for brands. The platform offers a single interface to personalize at scale, which is intuitive and easy to use, and provides tools and playbooks for creators to have more control and ownership.

Klaviyo SMS Assistant features a range of industry news and growth strategies, how-to guides for getting started and growth, resources, courses, certifications, and strategies for today’s challenges. The brand has a robust support system, where businesses can get answers to their questions and learn from other Klaviyo businesses. The tool has more than 100,000 notable brands using its email and SMS marketing platform globally.

Klaviyo SMS Assistant's name is derived from the Spanish word “clavija”, which means mountaineering pins or pitons, which help and support climbers as they ascend, and catch them if they fall. The company likened its customers to mountaineers who need support and acceleration on their climb to the summit. Klaviyo SMS Assistant has offices in Boston, London, and Sydney, with its headquarters located in Boston.


AI-powered SMS Assistant

Effortless generation of SMS content

Klaviyo’s SMS Assistant is the first of its kind, AI-powered SMS tool that automates the arduous task of copywriting for text campaigns. With just a few descriptions of your SMS campaign, the SMS Assistant will generate multiple options of recommended SMS copy in seconds. The tool eliminates the learning curve in content creation for this new marketing channel, saving time and providing new inspiration to users.

Compliance with mobile carrier regulations

The SMS Assistant is trained to ensure that all generated SMS content complies with the constantly changing compliance requirements of mobile carriers. This gives users confidence that their messages will meet the necessary regulations and hence guarantees that they’ll be delivered as intended to their target audience.

Campaign-specific content generation

After selecting a campaign type in the SMS campaign editor, the SMS Assistant generates content using verbiage that matches the type of campaign chosen. For example, choosing the “Promotion” campaign type generates content related to urgency and sales. Once input is provided for the SMS campaign, users then click on the “Get Ideas” button to generate multiple, campaign-specific messages.

Single platform for personalized marketing at scale

Unified and focused campaigns

Klaviyo offers a single platform that makes it easy for AI-integrated marketers to personalize campaigns at scale. Users can leverage Klaviyo to deliver unified and focused campaigns to their target audience. This feature makes it easy for users to integrate Klaviyo into their overall marketing strategy.

Customization for personalized deliveries

Klaviyo makes it easy to stand out in your customers’ inbox by providing easy customization options to personalize your messaging. With its customizable dashboard, users can tailor messaging to suit the specific channel through which their messages are being sent, ensuring that their messaging is received more effectively.

Growth strategies and industry news

Klaviyo offers resources to enhance marketing knowledge and help users keep up-to-date with the latest industry trends. Users can access education, guides, tools, and insights that can point the way to marketing success and strategies to tackle challenges.

Mobile app users engagement and retention

Automated strategies for engaging users

Klaviyo offers marketers the perfect solution for engaging their mobile app users. The platform is built with automation features that help make the process of delivering personalized messages to app users a seemingly effortless task. With Klaviyo, users can automate real-time messages based on customer actions.

Actionable insights for better engagement

Klaviyo provides actionable insights based on customer data that allow users to deliver segmented and targeted messaging to their mobile app users. The platform provides AI-powered SMS messaging that delivers high-level engagement and retention, ensuring that users always stay in touch with their customers.

Easy integration with mobile apps

Klaviyo provides a simple integration process into mobile apps. Users can easily sync their existing apps with Klaviyo’s platform.

This makes it hassle-free for users to onboard Klaviyo onto their existing marketing stack and use the platform’s features to improve their mobile ad engagements and retention rates.

Campaigns for E-commerce marketing tools for retail brands

Easy and efficient customer segmentation

Klaviyo provides easy and efficient tools for customer segmentation. This makes it easy for users to personalize their messaging and (re)engage their target audience through email or SMS marketing campaigns. By segmenting contacts based on their unique interests or actions, users can deliver personalized messages that get more attention and engagement.

Insightful reporting and ROI tracking

Klaviyo provides insightful reporting with actionable metrics that allow users to understand the performance of their campaigns. With its easy automation tools, users can log and track conversions and tally up the return on their investment.

Efficient and timely order fulfilment notifications

Klaviyo offers users the ability to automate messaging as soon as product delivery all through the order status. Users can integrate Klaviyo into their existing e-commerce store and automate email or SMS notifications that can be triggered by order status milestones, providing users with efficient and timely notifications.

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