Laxis is a company that focuses on improving the effectiveness and productivity of meetings by utilizing cutting-edge AI technologies. They aim to provide conversational assistance, personalized meeting templates, and convenient integration with popular conference tools.

Laxis facilitates the transcription and analysis of conversations, automated analysis of audio files, and convenient search and download options. Additionally, they provide data protection and security, flexible and scalable data storage, and an intuitive user interface and user experience.

Laxis values innovation, collaboration, and hard work and is committed to providing excellent customer support services.


Laxis is an AI-focused company that implements cutting-edge AI technologies to optimize the effectiveness and productivity of meetings. Their platform features conversational assistance, real-time transcription of live conversations, AI-powered personalized meeting templates, automated analysis of audio files, data protection and security, flexible and scalable data storage, and an intuitive user interface and user experience. Laxis values innovation, collaboration, and hard work, and aims to provide excellent customer support services.

Users can enjoy Laxis Assistant, which is currently available to all Laxis plans and doesn't require any premium Zoom plan. English is the primary language for Laxis, but other languages are supported through the Chrome extension for Google Meet.

Company Overview

Laxis is an AI-focused company that aims to improve the productivity and effectiveness of meetings. They achieve this goal by utilizing cutting-edge AI technologies to uncover hidden insights in conversations.

As a company, Laxis values humility, innovation, and hard work. They are constantly listening to customer feedback to address their needs and provide high-quality customer service to ensure success in all of their endeavors.

In addition to their customer-centric approach, Laxis is a highly motivated and collaborative team. They approach challenges head-on, explore possibilities, and strive to make an impact in their industry. They seek joy and happiness in their work and value teamwork, recognizing every team member as a valuable contributor in solving complex problems.

If you are looking for a company that is continually pushing the boundaries of the latest AI technology, Laxis might be the perfect fit. They are always on the lookout for talented individuals who want to join their team and help build great products in the fields of AI, NLP, and conversation intelligence. If you want to work with a top-tier team and have fun while doing it, consider submitting your resume to Laxis.


Real-time Question Answering

AI-Powered Conversational Assistance

Laxis provides real-time question answering using AI-powered conversational assistance. This feature is made possible by processing the data points from your past conversations and analyzing them to provide personalized suggestions for your ongoing conversation. Laxis ensures that every response is quick, helpful, and accurate by integrating machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) technologies.

Personalized Meeting Templates

You can personalize your meeting templates by adding topics and keywords to help Laxis extract the relevant information from each conversation. By doing this, you can make sure that Laxis AI Writer can automatically generate follow-up emails, meeting summaries, customer requirements, action items, and project updates in seconds. This feature saves time and ensures consistency in all your meetings and interactions with customers and clients.

Laxis AI Chat works with the most popular online conferencing tools, making it easier for you to plan and conduct customer meetings seamlessly. You can utilize Laxis AI Chat for research and planning to prepare for a streamlined, effective meeting. This feature encourages valuable customer interactions that build trust by optimizing your time and meeting participants' experience.

Transcription and Analysis of Conversations

Real-Time Transcription of Live Conversations, Phone Calls, and Video Chats

Laxis facilitates transcription of live conversations, phone calls, and video chats in real-time. You do not need to worry about missing important information as Laxis AI Writer ensures that everything is captured accurately.

Concurrently, you can click on topic names, and highlight and tag action items, and other relevant information. This feature ensures that you do not miss key information during meetings and interactions.

Automated Analysis of Audio Files

If you have existing audio files in mp3 or m4p formats that you want to be transcribed and analyzed, Laxis got you covered. This feature uses proprietary NLP technology and AI to extract information based on your personalized template quickly.

With this capability, you can easily generate a meeting summary suitable for distribution. Additionally, Laxis AI Writer automates follow-up emails, ensuring that you keep every conversation going without delay.

Convenient Search and Download Options

Categorizing your conversations in accordance with your template makes searching through your transcripts easier. This feature groups your key quotations together, allowing you to quickly find key quotes related to your topics and keywords.

You can search across all your transcripts to find the exact information you need, be it quotes, key phrases, or next steps. Lastly, you can download transcripts and memos in the format that you prefer to use and share notes with your revenue team without a hassle.

Data Protection and Security

Safeguarded Communications

Laxis has implemented cutting-edge encryption technology to ensure that your communications remain safeguarded and secure. The system employs various measures to protect your data from phishing, malware, and other cybersecurity threats. Whether you are dealing with sensitive client information, trade secrets, or general communication, you can always trust Laxis to keep it secure.

Certified Data Management

Laxis follows data management protocols geared towards compliance with general data protection and privacy regulations such as GDPR and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). This feature ensures that the data generated through Laxis' tool is compliant with global standards to guarantee that your data management practices are ethical, accountable, and professional.

Flexible and Scalable Data Storage

Laxis AI Writer provides flexible and scalable data storage solutions. You can choose to store data in cloud storage or on-premise storage, depending on your data management needs. This feature allows you to have control over data retention, backup, retrieval, and deletion processes.

Intuitive User Interface and User Experience

User-Friendly Platform and Interface

Laxis has a user-friendly platform and interface optimized for speed and efficiency that offers a relevant user experience. The platform's design allows for an effortless transition from other software. The features are intuitively laid out, and the platform is easy to navigate, ensuring that users can use the system effortlessly.

This feature means that any person in the team can quickly adapt and use Laxis without additional training.

Customizable Interface and Templates

Laxis AI Writer offers various templates that are fully customizable to cater to specific user needs. You can add and remove elements of a template as required, which helps you avoid unnecessary clutter in your interface. This feature also allows you to tailor your templates and the platform layout to your preferences while giving you total control over your data and its organization.

Committed Customer Support

Laxis provides excellent customer support services through a range of channels. This feature includes dedicated customer support teams available via phone, chat, email and support center.

The support teams are responsive and knowledgeable and are always ready to assist you with any technical or general inquiries related to Laxis. This feature accentuates Laxis' commitment to customer satisfaction and ensures that your experience using the platform is seamless.


Laxis offers a high-converting website where you can upload content with custom graphics that match your brand identity. Additionally, Laxis provides a done-for-you setup service for your website. The pricing for this service is available through contacting the sales team due to the customized features and integration with Salesforce, Hubspot, Outreach, and other software.

Laxis also offers a free plan where users can install the chrome extension for Google Meet and register for a Laxis account to enjoy live transcription with highly accurate speaker recognition. With free accounts, the first 30 meetings each month are automatically saved to Laxis cloud.

After that, users can still manually download all transcriptions and highlights. For advanced features and additional auto-save, users can upgrade to any paid plan. Laxis Assistant is currently available to all Laxis plans and doesn't require any premium Zoom plan.

Laxis is best used for English conversation, and additional languages including French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, and Romanian are only supported in the Chrome extension for Google Meet, but other features may not be available for those languages. The transcription by default is in English, but users can switch to other languages through Google Meet settings.

Laxis ensures secure data storage in its encrypted servers without sharing users' data with any entity. Interested users can contact the Laxis team through email or join the Facebook group for any questions or support.

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