Level AI is a company that provides AI-powered solutions to help businesses address their major challenges. Their platform, AgentGPT, streamlines customer service by offering clients automated and personalized responses, significantly reducing time and cost. The self-learning platform is customized specifically for an organization's enterprise knowledge, as it utilizes machine learning to enhance its performance over time.

Level AI's AgentGPT can be utilized on various channels like email, messaging, and phone, offering customers consistent engagement throughout a multi-channel journey.

The platform ensures accuracy, efficiency, and cost-saving by minimizing average handle time (AHT) and error rates, thus maximizing operational efficiency for clients. Level AI's tool offers a customizable and scalable integration, allowing it to be adapted to meet a business's specific requirements and integrate well with existing software tools. The company's philosophy is geared towards solving customer problems and making the customer experience smoother to promote customer loyalty.


Level AI's AgentGPT is an AI-powered platform that helps businesses address major challenges. The platform is self-learning, providing personalized and automated responses, thus significantly reducing AHT, enhancing accuracy, and maximizing operational efficiency while promoting customer engagement throughout a multi-channel journey. The customizable and scalable platform can be utilized on various channels such as email, messaging, and phone, adapting to meet an organization's requirements and integrating well with other software tools.

Level AI's philosophy of solving customer problems and making customer experiences smoother promotes customer loyalty, ultimately leading to business growth and success.

Company Overview

Level AI is a company that offers AI-powered solutions to major challenges faced by businesses. One of their standout products is AgentGPT, which is designed to help contact centers interact with customers more efficiently and effectively.

The company's philosophy is centered around the idea of solving customer problems and making the customer experience smoother and more seamless. They believe that speed is an important factor in customer service, allowing businesses to make more attempts to address customer issues and providing better overall service.

Level AI is led by a team of experienced professionals, each with a unique background in tech, business, and marketing. Ashish, the founder, is passionate about AI and has years of product management experience at Amazon Alexa. Sumeet, who leads the engineering team, has a background in computer science and worked at Facebook in the Ads Infra team, scaling the infrastructure for machine learning inference.

Ayush, who works as a senior backend engineer, is a graduate of IIT Guwahati who enjoys music and running in his free time. Sanket, the backend NLP engineer, is passionate about ML research and enjoys following Liverpool FC. Shlok, the full-stack engineer, is a photographer who loves pets and was previously with Ernst and Young as a software and DevOps developer.

Ritu, the recruiting and HR lead, graduated from BIMHRD, India, with a focus on marketing.

The company is also backed by a highly experienced board of directors and advisors. Hadley, a board director, is a successful startup executive and investor with deep experience in AI companies.

Tim, an advisor, is a serial entrepreneur and investor who previously worked at Sequoia Capital. Elizabeth, another GTM and business advisor, has held senior executive roles at Gap, Sur La Table, and Amazon. Vivek, a staff research engineer at Google's DeepMind, works with the team on next-generation AI projects.

Overall, Level AI is a company dedicated to helping businesses improve their customer service and solve problems more efficiently with the power of AI. With a talented team and experienced board of directors and advisors, they are well-positioned to continue leading the way in AI-powered solutions for businesses.


Generative AI for Customer Support

Automated Responses Tailored to Your Business

Level AI's AgentGPT is trained on your organization’s data, allowing it to auto-generate accurate answers to customer questions specific to your business. This means that customers will receive tailored responses that are directly related to their queries, improving their overall experience. The platform takes into account all connected data points under your organization, gaining a comprehensive understanding of your company's customer service approach.

And because it leverages machine learning, the system will continue to improve on its own over time.

Self-Learning Platform

AgentGPT self-learns on all of your enterprise knowledge and continuously improves based on feedback. The tool's machine learning capabilities ensure that it will dynamically improve its performance based on its interactions with your customers over time while also learning from customer feedback.

By analyzing customer interactions, AgentGPT can identify any knowledge gaps and flag potential areas of improvement. This can prove to be a valuable asset, especially when it comes to creating targeted training programs for your customer service agents.

Personalized Customer Service

AgentGPT offers your customer service reps the ultimate tool to level up their skillset, providing them instant access to answers on even the trickiest topics, promoting confidence, and giving customers true satisfaction with each interaction. With the generative AI platform, your agents will have access to a vast amount of information about your organization and a customer's account, which will enable them to provide a more personalized service. By addressing customers by their names and referencing previous interactions, agents will improve the level of engagement with each customer.

Efficient and Cost-Saving

Reduces Average Handle Time

Every customer query will be answered quickly and accurately, giving customers the help they need, thereby drastically improving customer satisfaction. Additionally, by incorporating AgentGPT into your customer service system, the tool helps reduce average handle time (AHT) down to fractions of seconds. Agents can access information and check for accuracy quickly, so they don’t waste time looking up specific information.

By reducing AHT, customer complaints and waiting time will also decrease, improving your overall customer service metrics.

Eliminates Manual Development and Curation

With AgentGPT, your organization will no longer have to manually develop documentation and knowledge base articles. Instead, Level AI's platform will automatically handle everything. This will save you both time and money, as employees will no longer have to dedicate hours to curating and updating the knowledge bases manually.

Agents will have instant access to accurate and relevant information, allowing them to focus on providing personalized customer service. This level of automation and efficiency can prove to be a game-changer for your business operations.

Increases Operational Efficiency

Improving the operational efficiency of a business is an ongoing process that can make or break its success, particularly with customer service. By using AgentGPT to handle customer queries, your organization will have a unified tool, providing a seamless customer experience across channels. This means that your organization ensures customers have as satisfying an experience as possible, reducing error rates and maximizing efficiency.

Innovative Technology

Unmatched Accuracy in Customer Support

Accuracy is critical in customer support, and Level AI's AgentGPT offers just that. Instead of relying solely on human agents to provide support for customers, the platform's generative AI capabilities enable it to respond with unmatched accuracy. By tapping into the machine learning potential of the platform, queries will be accurately matched with relevant answers, and new queries are interpreted based on data collected from past interactions, resulting in improved performance over time.

This will enable agents to provide appropriate responses that will build customers' confidence in your brand while helping to increase brand loyalty.

Compatibility with Multiple Channels

The evolving technological ecosystem can anticipate future customer demands for unified experiences across multiple touchpoints. To that end, AgentGPT is usable on various channels, including phone, email, and messaging. Organizations can program the platform to work with instant messaging, web chat, email, and social media.

With multiple channels available, your customer service team will be able to address customer queries across channels without the need for additional training, allowing them to provide cross-channel support effortlessly.

Customizable and Scalable Platform

Level AI's AgentGPT is designed to accommodate the unique needs of organizations of different sizes and sectors, providing a customized and scalable tool to help them grow. Easily adaptable to your existing workflows, the platform can be programmed with the business's specific requirements and integrate seamlessly with other software tools.

The platform scales to accommodate changing requirements, ensuring continued support as the larger operation grows in size. Additionally, the platform is customizable, allowing businesses to tailor the platform's experience to meet their specific branding requirements.

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