MagicForm is a customer-centric AI-powered tool that offers businesses an innovative solution to provide 24/7 continuous customer support while optimizing business operations. The tool enables businesses to provide their clients with instant assistance using customizable and personalized services that are tailored to their specific needs. MagicForm's tool is highly efficient, as it reduces customer support response times while providing the highest level of accuracy, allowing businesses to focus on their core activities.

By providing an AI sales rep that is human-like, MagicForm offers businesses the opportunity to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty while reducing support-related costs.


MagicForm provides businesses with a customizable AI-powered tool that enables them to create appealing forms and optimize business performance while enhancing their customers' experience. The tool's outstanding features include an AI form builder, automated workflows, email marketing, and CRM integrations, a data exportation feature, and excellent customer support with a robust knowledge base and an online community. Using MagicForm's tool, businesses can streamline and automate their workflow, increase productivity, reduce human errors and costs, and enhance customer engagement.

Data protection features such as SSL encryption, regulatory compliance, user permissions, and access control guarantee data safety and privacy. MagicForm ensures that businesses can provide consistent customer service while handling inquiries with accuracy and efficiency, leading to increased productivity and customer loyalty.

Company Overview

MagicForm offers businesses an AI-powered sales rep that operates 24/7, providing exceptional customer service as the first point of contact for all clients. The company strives to make interaction with businesses easier by creating a delightful experience for both clients and customers. MagicForm's tool enables businesses to provide their clients with instant assistance that is accurate and efficient, leading to increased customer satisfaction and ultimately, more sales.

MagicForm's AI tool is designed to provide a human-like experience for customers while offering businesses personalized services that are tailored to their specific needs. The tool is highly efficient, reducing customer support response times while providing the highest level of accuracy.

This enables businesses to focus on their core activities while leaving customer interaction to the AI tool. The MagicForm AI sales rep provides businesses with the opportunity to increase customer loyalty while reducing support-related costs, allowing them to focus more on scaling their business.

Overall, MagicForm provides businesses with an innovative solution that utilizes artificial intelligence to ensure continuous customer support while optimizing business operations. The company's customer-centric approach ensures that clients are equipped with an AI-powered tool that offers a personalized experience, leading to increased satisfaction and more sales. Additionally, the tool ensures that businesses can provide consistent customer service while handling inquiries with efficiency and accuracy, ultimately leading to increased productivity and cost savings.


1. AI Form Builder

Customizable Form Templates

MagicForm's AI form builder allows users to create customized and appealing forms, suitable for their businesses, instantly, using its templates. The tool provides a variety of templates for different business niches, including e-commerce, fitness, food, events, and much more. The templates are customizable with a user-friendly editor that enables businesses to match their brand identity.

Smart Forms with Conditional Logic

MagicForm's AI form builder has incorporated a smart conditional logic feature that helps businesses streamline their form, making the forms more interactive and engaging. The tool's conditional logic removes irrelevant sections of a form concerning a particular user, enhancing their experience. MagicForm makes it possible to filter out questions that do not apply to the individual, making the process faster and saving the user time.

Form Analytics

With MagicForm's AI-powered analytics feature, businesses can monitor and track their form performance by getting detailed insights from each form submission, making it easy for companies to analyze the data and see what works and what doesn't. The analytics feature provides graphical representations of the form's performance, such as submission rate and the percentage of abandoned forms.

It also provides detailed information about the users, such as their location, the browser they used, and the device they used to access the form. The data obtained can be analyzed to enhance the user experience, optimize the forms, and increase conversion rates.

2. Automated Workflow

Digital Process Automation

MagicForm's automated workflow feature helps businesses boost productivity and efficiency by automating and streamlining their data processing, increasing performance and reducing human errors. The feature makes it possible to stack and arrange forms in a workflow, enabling businesses to execute tasks and processes automatically, reducing the burden of manual intervention.

Effortless Integration

MagicForm's automated workflow is integrable with other software solutions, such as Google Sheets and Excel, to extend its functionalities. The tool has a wide range of integrations, including Salesforce, Zapier, and Hubspot, making it easy for businesses to get their workflow up and running. The integration offers a more convenient and cost-effective approach to automation.

Task Management

The automated workflow feature has a task management feature that allows businesses to manage their activities effectively. The feature provides a dashboard for businesses to supervise their progress and get real-time updates.

The dashboard provides an overview of the automated tasks, including the actions pending, in progress, and completed. It also enables businesses to assign tasks to team members, define deadlines for completion, and assign task dependencies, ensuring that work progresses as planned.

3. Data Security

Advanced Security Protocol

MagicForm recognizes the importance of data protection and has incorporated advanced security protocols to guarantee the safety and credibility of the data. The AI-powered tool has an SSL security encryption that means data remains secure throughout the form submission process, making MagicForm comply with industry standards of data protection. SSL encryption ensures that data submitted by users is secure, regardless of whether the internet connection is secure or not.

This guarantees the safety and privacy of information.

Regulatory Compliance

MagicForm's AI tool is subject to regulatory compliance requirements and has implemented measures to ensure the compliance of collected data with relevant laws, rules, and regulations. MagicForm complies with privacy laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), designed to protect data privacy for EU citizens. The tool has also complied with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

User Permission and Access Control

MagicForm has incorporated access and permission controls that allow businesses to control who can access and view their form submissions. The user permission and access control feature allow businesses to manage form access and assign permission roles to those authorized to view and manage the form's data. It enforces good data management practices and ensure that privacy and security are maintained.

4. CRM and Email Marketing Integration

Excellent CRM Integration

MagicForm has integrated seamlessly with CRMs such as Salesforce, Zoho, and Hubspot, providing its users with a range of CRM options to choose from to manage their customer data. MagicForm's integration with these CRMs facilitates the automation of high-quality leads' filling forms and forwarding them to a CRM system connected to the user’s account.

Email Marketing Integration

MagicForm is integrable with popular email marketing tools like Mailchimp, making it easy for businesses to build email lists with a form and use the same form to send out email marketing campaigns for maximum results. The email integration feature enables users to link the form with their mailing list, making it easy to test and optimize the form templates for maximum email subscription. This integration saves businesses time and resources since the form's automated marketing campaigns can reach a broad audience with little effort.

Data Exportation Feature

MagicForm has a data exportation feature that enables businesses to export data for use in CRMs and email marketing tools. Users can select their preferred file format which include CSV, Excel, PDF and integrate the data with third-party platforms to enhance customer communication and engagement. This feature also enables businesses to analyze the data and create campaigns suitable for different groups of customer to strengthen communication, increase engagement, and conversion rates.

5. Support System

Excellent Customer Support

MagicForm's customer support team helps businesses with issues they face after signing up and using the company's AI-powered tools. The team is available 24/7 and is responsive to queries by chat, email, or phone. The support provided by MagicForm makes it easy for users to create, send, and manage forms speedily without having to worry about technical issues or lack of knowledge of using the tool.

Robust Knowledgebase

MagicForm's AI-powered tool comes with a vast knowledge base that contains articles, step-by-step guides, tutorials, and FAQs to help businesses understand and use the tool better. The knowledge base is a handy reference source when businesses encounter technical problems, and the team is unavailable. The knowledge base helps users access the information needed and use the tool effectively, ensuring the smooth running of business operations and seamless data collection.

Online Forum & Community

MagicForm has an online community comprised of businesses, agencies, and marketers that use the AI-powered form and workflow tool to enhance workflows and data collection. The community provides a platform for users to interact, learn from their peers, and share ideas and insights about using the tool. In this platform, users can get feedback from experienced users, ask questions or share their experience working with MagicForm.

The community provides an opportunity for users to connect, learn and get insights of using the MagicForm tools.

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